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Steve Hueter


Steve Hueter of Prime 220 Realty  has worked with distressed properties since 1999 and has a system in place that gives investors access to some of the most sought after residential and commercial real estate deals.  Through marketing and the relationships established with the lenders, asset managers, auctions, attorneys and others, Prime 220 Realty  has been able to realize great returns for investors who want either fix and flip properties or purchase homes to utilize as long term rentals.

Prime 220 Realty has a unique approach that differs from the competition.  This approach enables our investors to become more profitable with less risk.  Most of our competitors will hold the home runs in their pockets while giving the investors properties that will bring modest returns.  Their goal is to make money from their investors, OUR GOAL IS TO MAKE OUR INVESTORS MONEY from properties that we identify and acquire for them. Our unique approach analyzing property values enables our investors to have the highest level of confidence that their interests are protected.  We run a multi-level comparable market analysis that:

  • Identifies that immediate market area for other foreclosures that will be entering the market in the next 90 days.
  • Understands how the banks and other distressed properties are being priced.
  • Pinpoints pricing strategy to ensure a fast sale.
  • We are knowledgeable on laws and regulations restricting fix and flip sales.

Not only do we examine our CMA, but our system also requires that we ensure the bid is on first lien transactions with no senior or tax liens.  CMAs and Title searches are important but the most important aspects of buying an investment property is physically driving each property.

If property is vacant then we do everything possible to get inside to view the home.  If it is occupied and the homeowner or tenant will not let our Field Agent in then we must make a predetermined repair cost based on exterior visibility and a neighborhood evaluation.

Prime 220 Realty Investor Program has three different options:

  1. Hard Money Lending
  2. Fee For Service
  3. Partnership

For More Information contact Steve Hueter at 602-695-3222

Prime 220 Realty has foreclosure, REO, and Short Sale lists available.

Prime 220 Realty and their Investors have realized some great returns, but as with all investments there are risks associated with buying and selling real estate and investors understand there are no guaranteed rates of returns.  With that being said if you want to see some results our investors have seen in the past then click here or go to the results tab on under the investor page.